Rigby Encouraged but Still Questioning Shapiro Budget Proposal
HARRISBURG – The 2023-24 fiscal year spending plan proposed Tuesday by Gov. Josh Shapiro is drawing mixed feelings from state Rep. Jim Rigby (R-Cambria/Somerset), who offered the following statement on the heels of the budget address:

“I’m encouraged by the governor’s spending proposal. As is the case with any such plan, however, the question of from where the funding will come must always be asked. That’s what budget hearings are for, and I look forward those questions being asked by our House Appropriations Committee starting next week.

“In my district and the surrounding area, a plan to provide free breakfast for every public school student is a welcomed idea. That morning meal sets the tone for the rest of the day, and the governor’s proposal simply augments the tremendous service already being provided by groups like the Flood City Youth Fitness Academy.

“As a former emergency responder, I appreciate the plan to invest further in frontline workers like nurses, teachers, medical service professionals and members of law enforcement. These jobs are all part of infrastructure we need to sustain and re-enforce. How we pay for it is another matter, as it has to be done in a manner which is sustainable and responsible. The governor would like to essentially drain our Rainy Day Fund, which was built to nearly $5 billion through bipartisan support. I can’t back such a proposal and know there has to be another way.

“Leaders from both sides of the aisle and the General Assembly will hopefully work together to reach that goal in a fiscally responsible manner.”

Representative Jim Rigby
71st Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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